Ciliwung River in Bogor Botanical Gardens
The view of Ciliwung River in Bogor Botanical Gardens

Ciliwung River is one of rivers that flow across Bogor City.

The headwaters of the river is on the highland between Bogor and Cianjur City i.e. on the highland of Mount Pangrango and Mount Gede. The flow wends at beaches in Jakarta.

The length of its main flow in total is nearly 120 Kilometers.

One place where we can see the river is in Bogor Botanical Gardens. It can be said that the river divides the Gardens into East and West Wing.

If you stand on the Broken Heart Bridge , then the the look of the river will be like below

Ciliwung River in Rainy Season
Ciliwung River in Rainy Season

The above picture was taken in Feb 2015 when rainy season was on its peak. Rain falls in Bogor everyday.

Ciliwung River in Dry Season
Ciliwung River in Dry Season

This is the picture of the river, taken from the same spot several months later, in November 2015. At that time, the dry season was not completely over yet.

The riverbed can be seen.

The rainy season version look wet. Water, water, water. The second one , stone, stone, and stone.

However, I feel both look quite nice on my eyes. What do you think?

Sorry for this silly post but really want to introduce Ciliwung river to you.


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