Open Defecation UN Environment Assembly May Send Their Envoy If They This Picture

Probably, if there is a member of UN Environment Assembly seeing the above picture, then they may send immediately an emissary to Bogor to have a discussion with Bogor local government.

It’s not about the three kids playing happily with their fishing rod. Definitely, it is not. They are safe, healthy.

It is about one figure on the background of the photo that might be of the Assembly’s interest. It shows a kid being open defecating on riverside that may raise their concern.

The reason is that because open defecating reduction has been made a goal by the UN body that was created in 2003. The act is considered unhealthy and may cause health problem in society. Therefore, they have been working to improve the basic sanitation in the world together with many government.

So, perhaps if the photo captured in Ciliwung Riverside near Sempur Kaler, Bogor, is seen by them, then the Assembly may consider the government doesn’t do enough to provide proper basic sanitation in the city.

Probably but unlikely. 😀


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