The Wreckage of The Three Wheeler, Becak

Funny, indeed. Even myself sometimes thinks that it is funny to know that I have been quite obsessed capturing an old mean of transportation, becak. Even, the wreckage of the three wheeler could attract me to direct my camera and took several photos when I accompanied my wife to a store in Gedong Sawah Street few weeks ago.

Probably, it is because of romantic reason based on the knowledge that another old way of living in the city is near its end. It’s been widely known that becak is no longer people favorite when they need a transportation. Day by day, the users are getting less and at the same time, the less people wants to be becak drivers.

It’s definitely near its time in Bogor City.

My obsession may also be based that the three wheeler can also be the symbol of struggle of some people in the city. They have been trying to survive using the old way in the changing city.

Those are probably the reasons of my taking the picture of this wreckage of becak. Because in my mind, it represents the stories of inevitable circle of life that something always has an end and it was the symbol of people survival to play catch up with the changing world.

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