The 2nd most jammed city in the worldWell, that was what Waze, a navigation application company, said few weeks ago.  They awarded, my hometown, Bogor City a title of “The 2nd Most Jammed City in the World”. Only Phlliphines’ Cebu City prevented Bogor to take the top spot on the list.

I don’t have a clue what criterias used by Waze to prepare the list. Also, I would not argue even though some online magazines didn’t even mention about Bogor as one of the most jammed cities that provided the most annoyance to road users.

No, I won’t. My logic said As a company who provided navigation, Waze should have some standards and methods to come to the conclusion.

Besides, I took the gist of what Waze said. Bogor is one of the cities and the world that can guarantee very annoying yet disturbing experience for everyone who ride or drive (or even walk) on its streets.

And, I must admit it.

Yeah, it is the fact. Even as the citizen of the Rain City (Bogor’s nickname), I have the same feeling, annoyed. It is often I must sit and try calm down my temper in stucked car for more than an hour when I drive my wife to a mall located only 1.5 kilometers from where I live.

Walking speed of a snail probably faster than my old Hyundai Accent.

It is a fact that Bogor City traffic is very bad

The most jammed city in the world


Many may question about how Waze measured traffic jams and how many cities were surveyed, but most of Bogor citizens, after seeing their responses on social media, seemed to accept the reality that the city where they live is considered as the most jammed city.

Mostly, because they experienced the same thing as what I also suffered.

Bogor is not a big city. Its size is only one fourh of Indonesia’s Capital, that it supports, i.e. 124 square kilometers. The city has only 600 kilometers in length of roads.

Meantime, increasing prosperity of its people have encouraged them to own their own vehicles. It is recorded more than a hundred thousand cars and hundreds thousands motorcycfles are owned by Bogor’s citizens. With the lack of proper public transportation, they prefer to use what they have to transport them from one place to another.

Combined with the undiscipline attitude, that is typical Indonesian riders or drivers, it guaranteed chaotic situation on every roads and streets in the city.

The chaos on streets reaches its highest level on weekend when additional ten thousands of tourist’ vehicles enters and pour the already crowded streets. This has been the result of Bogor’s statue as a city that lives from tourism. People from surrounding areas, like Jakarta, Depot, Tangerang, and Bekasi goes to various tourist destinations inside Bogor City.

The 2nd Most Jammed City in the World 01

Despite many efforts have been done by the city’s government but it looks like there is almost no improvement so far to minimize the annoyance on streets.

The reality can be seen from several titles attached to Bogor since 2014. In 2014, the city was awarded as “The most jammed city in Indonesia 2014” by Indonesia Ministry of Transportation. Waze put the city on the 9th poisition in their 2015 list. Now, the 2nd rank was obtained.

Not quite nice facts but that’s Bogor.

The list may be debated for long time but Waze just told the reality citizens of Bogor experience almost daily in their life.


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