Even I am not a 100% introvert person but one of my hobbies is to find a quite place. It has been quite difficult to find such kind of location. The growth of the city has consumed most of land leaving almost no space to breath.

Therefore, to be able to locate a place where there is only sound of nature is such a gift for me.

One of the spot that I could find during my blogging time is actually only an old water reservoir created when Dutch still occupied this land. It is called The Bird Lake.

The Bird Lake

The name was given to the site because birds were used to nest on trees on the edge of the lake. That was why residents live near the lake called the reservoir as The Bird Lake.

The lake itself is not so big. When it was made, it was intended to provide water supply for agricultural fields nearby. Nowadays, the function has still been done although the fields have been reduced due to the growth of population in Bogor.

The Bird Lake now is also used for fish breeding by folks from the near village.

The Bird Lake

It is quite lucky that this site has not widely known yet by people that there are only few visitors come around. This indirectly contributes to maintain the peaceful environment, at least for this moment.

Yeah, I know that someday, not too far from now, it will be found and after that people start to come. Finally, it will become another one tourist destination. Someday it will lose its quietness and peacefulness.

However, for some time in future, it will be still one of my favorite place. At least.

So, I will bring you some pictures of the place I am very fond of. I hope you can also experience the peacefulness of the place.


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