The Past Bogor Resident Office - Almost 150 Years Old AThe building, that was previously known as Bogor Resident Office is located on Jalan Juanda  as you can see in the above photo. This building is certainly not attractive enough to gain the attention of visitors. In addition,  fot its location which is a little from from the road, tourists often miss it because after all just a government office only.

The current name of building in the photo is the Office of Coordinating Agency for Government and Regional Development I , West Java. Government offices.

Though, in addition to its function as a government office, this building has been decided as  a cultural heritage of the Bogor City. Baseon the historical archive of this city, this building was formerly known as the Resident Office of Bogor.

His age until this article was made has reached 148 years. It’s old isn’t it?

What is Residency?

The Past Bogor Resident Office - Almost 150 Years Old 2 BBefore we talk about the building, it’s good to understand what the real Residency was? What is the difference with the existing CITY and DISTRICT within the Indonesian government system?

The explanation is simple.

In the present system of Indonesian government, the term residency has been no longer used.

This term comes from a time when the Dutch occupied Indonesia. During the time, Residency is a territory under a province.  This administrative area is larger than current City or Regency.

A Residency will be formed from several cities or districts. For example, the Residency of Bogor is an area that covers

  • Bogor City and Regency
  • Sukabumi City and Regency
  • Depok City
  • Cianjur Regency

The head of a residency was a resident.

Well, this system has not been used in Indonesia since 1950.

Nevertheless, the remains of the system can still be seen in several ways. For example, have you ever noticed that the license plate of vehicle / vehicle registration in Bogor, Sukabumi, Cianjur is the same?

Number plates in these three areas still start with “F” letter in front. This system is still used until now.

The Bogor Residency Office was the place where the Resident of the area lives and has an office. This place was where “Important People” in his time.

Gedung Karesidenan Bogor
Pilar-pilar Gedung Karesidenan Bogor

When was the Bogor Residency Office built? It was already mentioned in the title that his age has reached almost 150 years when this paper was made? This building was established in 1870.

Although since 1950, the Residency system is no longer used in Indonesia, the Residency Building of Bogor continues to function as the office of “Important People”. Until 1976, this building is the Office of the Assistant Governor of West Java.

In 2000, the Residency Office of Bogor changed its name to now.

Bogor Residency Building flanked by two other buildings that are also not less historic. Both buildings are Salak Hotel and also the Regina Pacis School, where inside there is a chapel, which is also the Bogor City heritage .

Well, that’s the story of a friend. The Bogor Residency Building is a 148-year-old building that functions as an important person sanctuary.

Certainly, it can be imagined how many important decisions for Bogor have been taken inside in this building.

It seems that the historical value attached to the former Building Residency Bogor worth making it included in the list of 487 Bogor City cultural heritage buildings.

If so, if you are feeding a deer spotted near the Bogor Palace fence, do not forget to take a moment to look at this building. Just cross the street.


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