Nymphaea Alba
The beauty of Nymphaea Alba, the water lily in Bogor Botanical Gardens

Nymphaea Alba , somehow I believe that if the words are out from my mouth, nobody will understand what is referred to. Perhaps only a botanist that will immediately nod and get the meaning. How about you ? Do you know what I am going to write in this posting?

If not , allow me tell you.

Nymphaea Alba is a name, a name of flower. It comes from the family of Nymphaeaceae and Nymphaea genus. It is an aquatic watering plant or a plant that lives on water. It is known commonly as “Waterlilies” or “Lotus” (In Indonesia it is called “Teratai”.

Now you must already realize what I am talking about. As surely you should once see it around your home or at the nearest ponds in your own city.

Nymphaea Alba in Bogor Botanical Gardens

As mentioned on my previous writing about Bogor Botanical Gardens, one of the things you will see in this place is this flower. You can see hundreds of Nymphaea Alba on the ponds inside the Gardens.

The flower itself is actually not an Indonesia origin flower. It is a plant that comes from 4 seasons continent such as Europe. Its habitat can be found easily in countries like Sweden, Hungary, Romania anda some others.

However, it seems the flower lives happily in my city. The cool weather and climate of the rain city, Bogor seems quite suitable as the living environment.

Nymphaea Alba
a picture of Nymphaea Alba in Bogor Botanical Garden

With its far family from American continent, the Giant Lotus (Victoria Amazonica), the Nymphaea Alba have been an attraction for the visitors. The big bunches of both flower can be found hovering on the ponds behind the Bogor Palace. In blossoming season, they will create such extraordinary view for anyone who see them. Unfortunately, at the time I went there, it was not the season.

There are at least two types of Nymphaea Alba in Bogor Botanical Gardens. The one is the Pink and the other is the White type.

Nymphaea Alba, the underestimated beauty

Well, I can understand if you don’t realize the name. Waterlilies are never a favorite flower. It doesn’t have a glamour look like Roses. It is not as fragrant as Jasmine or stunning as Tulips.

However after seeing closely the flowers on the place where they live, perhaps, I could not forget about how beautiful they are. The nymphaea alba , for myself is as beautiful as other flowers.

Hey, I can hear your disagreement but perhaps you should see some pictures included into the post. These pictures are not made by any photo editor and actually the pictures were taken by my smartphone only, an Xperia M without adjustable lens (it doesn’t have such facility)

Nymphaea Alba on the ponds
The view of hundreds Nymphaea Alba on the ponds behind Bogor Botanical Gardens

(O ya before I forgot, actually when I wanted to take the pictures, there was a bee hovering around the petals of the Nymphaea Alba. I thought it could what the hell of pictures. Unfortunately, the bee was too kind and too polite. He stepped aside and let the flower be mine only)

After that let me know what you think. Don’t you think they are beautiful?

If you think it is, perhaps you can imagine about what other beautiful flowers can be found in Bogor Botanical Gardens. Just for your information, there are 15,000 species of plants including hundred types of Orchid.

So I hope when you plan your next overseas holidays, you should include my city Bogor as one of your option.



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