Bogor Homeland Defender Museum
The Homeland Defender Museum – Bogor

Photo Title : The Homeland Defender Museum

The picture is the front of now called The Homeland Defender Museum.

It is a museum located on Sudirman Street in Bogor.

The building used for the museum is very old. Its age is more than 270 years as it was bulit in 1745 at the same time when the Bogor Palace was set up.

The old structure was used originally for East Indie Troops called KNIL (het Koninklijke Nederlands(ch)-Indische Leger) to protect De Buitenzorg (now known as Bogor Palace)

AMX 13 Monument
AMX 13 Monument in front of The Defenders of Homeland Museum

Photo Title : AMX 13 Monument

The monument made from French made AMX 13 light tank that have served Indonesian Army for more than 40 years.

The monument is on the right side of the Museum Gate.

AMX 13 APC Monument
AMX 13 APC Monument in front of The Homeland Defender Museum

Photo Title : AMX 13 APC Monument

The Armored Personnel Carrier version of AMX 13.

The monument is on the left side of the Museum Gate

Suprijadi Monument
Suprijadi Monument

Photo Title  : The Leader

The statue of Suprijadi, the leader of Homeland Defenders troop rebellion against Japanese troop in Blitar, East Java in 1945.

Nobody knew where he died and his body was never found

The statue can be found on the right side area near the Homeland Defender Museum Gate.

Soedirman Monument
Soedirman Monument in The Homeland Defenders Museum

Photo Title : The General

The statue of Soedirman, the General of Indonesian Armed Forces during the Independence War.

He led Indonesian troops to fight NICA , Dutch Armed Forces that tried to reoccupy Indonesia. What made him so honored by Indonesian besides his capability is his willingness to sacrifice.

He was under severe illness when he headed Indonesian army to conduct guerrilla war. He joined and accompanied the troops when they had to rally during the war.

His statue can be found on the left side of the Homeland Defender Museum Gate.


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