Bogor is a city, a modern one. Perhaps, it may cause people to think that it will be difficult to find green views and landscape.

Actually, it is wrong. It is quite easy to find such kind of views, stunning ones in the city, as long as you know where to search. Not so many but you won’t find any difficulties to find it.

The above picture captured by my son, Arya Fatin krisnansyah using Canon EOS 700D should show what I meant on the above paragraphs.  This picture is something you can in Bogor Botanical Gardens. Just go to the Garden whichis famous all over Indonesia and find Canary Avenue. You will find this kind of stunning views of landscape there.

Bermain di Kebun Raya Saat Hujan Itu Menyenangkan 2

The avenue is considered one of the most photogenicand instagram-able place in Bogor City. It doesn’t look like you are in modern city but in a forest.

Very big and old trees form green canopy.

Definitely, you may find yourselves feeling that you are not in the center of crowded city. You will forget about that.

Hujan Itu Menyenangkan 5

So, whenever you are in the city, please make sure you make a visit to this Great Garden of Bogor and make sure you know the direction to the Canary Avenue.

A place that you should not skip.


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