Everybody loves orchids. Everybody. That includes me.

I walked along Bogor Botanical Gardens and found a greenhouse called “Orchid House”. It is a greenhouse set up specially for orchids.

There are around 500 species of orchids live in the greenhouse. You can take a look in my previous writing Orchid House.

However, I am not gonna tell you again about the house. Here, I will just bring you some of what were captured inside.

Please just take a look to the beauties, the orchids.

Say It With Flowers - The orchids

The Orchids 06
The Orchids 07 The Orchids 09
The Orchids 08 The Orchids 11
The Orchids 02 The Orchids 04
The Orchids 05 The Orchids 12

The Orchids

You, perhaps, don’t like orchids but after seeing those pictures, I bet that you have fallen in love with those beauty creatures.


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