a piper statue in Bogor Palace Backyard

It is a statue, a piper statue just a simple statue made from stone (I don’t know what kind of). However, I could not resist to say it is one of the loveliest thing I saw in Bogor Botanical Garden, or the Bogor Palace as it is placed on the backyard of the Palace, near the Gunting Pond.

(Probably, for anyone who never comes to Bogor don’t know that Bogor Botanical Garden and Bogor Palace are located in the same area. The history also says that the Great Garden was originally the backyard of the Palace. Only in Teysmann era at the end of 19th century, the administration of both were separated. Until now, anyone who come to the Garden and stand near the Gunting Pond can see the backyard and also the backside of a palace that was originally built in 1745.)

Bogor Palace is known to be one place in Bogor City that store a lot of art objects. There are more than 200 paintings made from various artists and around 360 sculpture carved by varius scullptor from Indonesia or overseas.

Most of them are placed inside the palace but some statues are situated on a field behind the palace. Since there is no brick wall, and only iron fence, anyone who stands near the lake can have a sight of the statue.

Here is the look of what I try to describe on the above paragraphs.

the view of bogor palace backyard from Bogor Botanical Garden

One of the statues , for me, is really interesting. I call it “A Piper Statue” because the hand and its fingers forming a gesture that looks like “he” is playing a flute or a pipe but without actual flute form.

Here is the picture.

a piper statue in Bogor Palace Backyard 4

Am I correct? He looks like playing a wind instrument.

I am not sure to whom I must thank for. The sculptor? The landscaper? or the bird on the statue shoulder? I took many shots on it from several angles and astonished that most of them look beautiful and interesting.

One of them was sent for a photo competition held to celebrate the Celebration of Two Centuries of Bogor Botanical Garden that is scheduled to come between 18-21th of May 2017 (the Bogor Botanical Garden was inaugurated in 1817).

Some others can be seen in this article.

a piper statue in Bogor Palace Backyard 2

patung peniup seruling di halaman belakang Istana Bogor

patung peniup seruling di halaman belakang Istana Bogor 2

Do you see what I meant? Yeah, I believe so. The piper statue is photogenic and with just a bit effort, it can make an enthusiast like myself ( I am not even an amateur in photography) able to make good photos.

I know that a good photo is made from many component, the object, the background, the lighting, and also the camera. However, the piper statue makes our life, a photography enthusiast, much easier. The statue itself is already interesting and if it is combined with the yellowish green of grass and the thick of green provided by surrounding trees, it makes all perfect.

The only annoying thing to me is that I still don’t know who was the sculptor, the formal name of the statue, and the history behind.

Most of art objects in Bogor Palace were made long time ago and came from various countries, so there should be an interesting story behind each of them. So, there should be something interesting attached to the piper statue.

Unfortunately, there is no reference or writing, even a short one, mentioning about this statue. I could not also get any information from my acquaintance who works for Bogor Palace.

So for time being, I could only show you some pictures of the statue and if I am lucky enough to get the information about the statue, I would write it separately on another article.

patung peniup suling di halaman belakang Istana Bogor 4

Meantime, I believe you agree with me that the piper statue is photogenic, at least for your camera.


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