Mini Self Service Library In The Middle of Park

When you visit a park in Bogor, it is likely you may see a human height box in blue like in the above picture. Probably, if you come from Britain, you may think it is a public phone box.

And, you are wrong.

Please come to more close distance to the box and you may find there are books inside. Yes, books. Because, it is actually, in my own terms, a mini self service library.

The mini library has been introduced in several cities in West Java Province, where Bogor is located, to encourage people to read. Our government has been worried to see a very low reading habit. People prefer to play with their gadget than reading books.

Kolecer - Kotak Literasi Cerdas Untuk Menumbuhkan Minat Baca C

There are not many types of book inside but you may still find novels, children books, or language literature.

It’s free of charge. You can just take a book, read during your time in the park, and return when you want to leave. You may also donate your unused books by putting them inside the blue box.

The idea is quite brilliant but will it be successul, I have big doubt. People seems to be more attracted to their gadget instead.

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