Hotel Salak the Heritage Bogor
The view of front side of Hotel Salak The Heritage

Hotel Salak The Heritage – Are you planning to visit my rain city, Bogor shortly? Are you seeking for a nice place, near the famous Bogor Palace and the Botanical Gardens ? May I suggest you to choose Hotel Salak the Heritage?

I never stay at this hotel and am not an accommodation reviewer. As a Bogor citizen, there is no need for me to stay at any hotel in my hometown. How should I do that?

I just propose this hotel to you to consider the hotel as it may be suitable for you. It has several factors that , I believe will meet your criterias of a nice accommodation during your trip to this city.

There are several reasons behind my suggestions as written below.


Reasons to stay at Hotel Salak The Heritage


Its location

hotel salak the heritage
The view of Hotel Salak The Heritage from Juanda Street

Well, during their trip,  tourists are commonly known to always look for the “best hotels”. One thing that is always included as the main important criteria is about its location.

The place must be as close as possible to the main attraction of the city.

Hotel Salak The Heritage meets this criteria for tourists. Its location is definitely close to Bogor’s two main places, the Bogor Palace and Botanical Gardens. Even, the beautiful landscape of Bogor Palace will be the main view you will see every morning from your room windows.

For sure, you will want to go to Bogor Botanical Gardens and the entry points are very near. You will be asked only to walk for 5-10 minutes from the hotel or 5 minutes by a public transportation (angkot).

Surrounding area

Hotel Salak The Heritage is located on one of the oldest street of the city. It is on Juanda Street built in 1808.

Herman Willem Daendels, called by Indonesian as Daendels were the master behind the making of the street. During his reign as Governor General of Dutch East Indies, he instructed to establish more than 1000 kilometers of road in Java.

The street known as a part of De Grote Postweg or The Great Post Road stretched from the west end of Jave Island (Anyer) to the east end (Panarukan). The purpose of this establishment was in anticipation of Bristish troop attacks

Hotel Salak The Heritage
Bogor Palace seen from Bogor Botanical Gardens

At that time, Netherlands were an ally of France Armed Force under the famous Napoleon. As a result, the Dutch East Indie became the target of British Empire to conquer.


Furthermore, in the midst of 19th Century, Dutch East Indies had become a popular place for tourism of European people, especially Netherlands and British. Most of them targeted Buitenzorg as their destination instead of Batavia (now Jakarta)

Even at that time, Jakarta was already hot, crowded and full of hustle bustle as nowadays big cities.

Therefore, the Dutch East Indies government decided to build many supportive buildings in the area surrounding Bogor Palace.

They built churches, schools, de societeit (a place for high rank officials socialized themselves) now known as Bogor Municipalities and hotels.

One of the hotel was named Binnenhof Hotel set up in 1856. The Binnenhof is now known as Hotel Salak The Heritage.

All of these places were built along the Juanda Streets and some of them still stand on their original place although with new names and operates.

So, if you stay in this hotel, you can take a walk and visit these places with no time.

Its history

hotel salak the heritage
Delam on Juanda Street

You have been told on the above paragraph about the time of its establishment. Yes, it was correct 1856.

The hotel was established by a relative of at the time Governor General Charles Ferdinan Pahud. The founder came from the Palace inner circle.

As mentioned earlier, Binnenhof Hotel was attached to the Hotel. Its name changed quite often .

In 1900-an, it was called Dibbets Hotel but twelve or thirteen years later it was NV American hotels. Each time, the main shareholder changed, the name was changed.

Since the view from the hotel amazed the new shareholder, in 1932, once again the hotel had a new name. On the year its name was Bellevue – Dibbets Hotel.

Bellevue means “beautiful view” or “beautiful landscape”. The name showed what kind of views that could be found from the hotel.

In 1942, after Japan defeated USA and its allies in Pacific, they used this place as the headquarters of Military Police of Japanese Armed Forces called as Kempetai.


hotel salak the heritage
Inside Hotel Salak

in 1945, as you know wel, Japan was nuclear bombed and surrendered. They handed over the hotel back to Dutch . It was not too long before later, in 1948 Indonesian Government took over the hotel.

It was again renamed. This time, the name used Indonesian name. Yes, it was Hotel Salak (but still without The Heritage)

Many people wrongly assumed that the name came from a name of fruit, bark fruit (in Indonesia, it is called Salak). The name was no relation with any types of bark fruit. It came from the name of a mountain in Bogor, Mount Salak.

Salak is a sanskrit and its meaning is “Silver”. So, Hotel Salak means Silver Hotel.

There had been known that this hotel witnessed many important moments related to the city and Indonesia. The last one was in 1994 when APEC held the meeting in Bogor.


Now, I believe you get the points and the ideas.

hotel salak the heritage
Inside Hotel Salak

It is in the center of the city. It is near the main attractions. It is old and has a very long history. I am certain that it would help in gaining unforgettable memory about your trip to this city.

O yeah, before I forgot. The hotel can be found on the list of Bogor Cultural Heritages.

The only thing that I can not tell you is about my staying experience in the hotel or what facility they have. Too bad, but I am Bogor Citizen. If I take a night in the hotel, it can cause suspicion from my wife. Very dangerous.

However, having entered the hotel few times (the last time was in January 2015 to see Bonenkai Festive), I thought it was a nice hotel. Besides, it is a 4 stars hotel.

How about the rate ? Hey.. please contact your travel agent or there are many websites that you can get the information from.

Anyway, what do you think about this idea ?

I really hope that you like it



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