Once, not too long ago, wherever you go in Bogor, you will find people talk about one thing, stone and stone. For almost 3 years, almost at all corners around the city, gemstone seller can be found easily.

Yeah, at that Bogor was hit heavily by an unusual fever, the fever of gemstone. Actually, it was not in Bogor but the fever looked hovering in Indonesia affecting many people.

Daily conversation could not be free from the topic. if it was not about the raising price, it was about the excellence and superiority of one specific type of stone.

Gemstone Seller in Bogor
Gemstone Center in Bogor – Devris Market

New names, no matter weird it was, were created and surprisingly, for me attracted attention from many as if it was a new product from Apple or Samsung. People will start to discuss everyday and everywhere.

New gemstone sellers and players emerged. Exhibitions were held in many cities.

Crazy price tags were attached to a stone. In this terms, the digit used reached 9-10 digit of rupiahs. There was a time when a uncut stone with a size of less than 30 Cmx 30 Cm x 30 Cm was priced at IDR 1.500.000.000. This is not a diamond.

Unbelievable situation.

Gemstone Seller in Bogor
Gemstones sold On streets

Even, Bogor government decided to renovate and later change the function of once a traditional market, Devris Market to become Gemstone Seller Center.

They were encouraged by the economical effect of the growing business. Eventually, they relocated the traditional vendors and replaced them with gemstone sellers.

Now, it seems the trend is over. The fever has been cured. People look to have recovered.

Gemstone Sellers on Bogor Streets
Gemstone Seller

No longer, the topic about stones dominated everyday conversation. The gem shops and sellers have gradually closed one by one.

Yes, of course, hobbyist will keep on talking about this and that of stones. Even since my father’s era, there are quite many of Indonesian people have been known to be fond of gemstone.

However, the numbers grew 10 times when the fever hit. Now, the quantity have been back to its level before the trend.

In Bogor, we used to see “gemstones” sold on streets. There was no specialty shops or stores selling only stones before the trend. A Gemstone seller usually could be found on streets. It is like the pictures on this article.

Gemstone Seller
Gemstone Accessories

They have been here since long time ago, even before the fever came. They might have benefited from the trend but they don’t rely to sudden gemstone lovers.

They still exist and will keep on doing their business because there are some parts of Bogorians who love to wear rings using cut and colorful stones.

Gemstone Seller



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