Free Tour With Uncal Bus You Should Try

If it’s your very first time to visit my hometown, Bogor City, and is confused where to go, then probably you should got to City Hall near Bogor Botanical Gardens and try free tour with “Uncal Bus”.

The “Uncal Bus” was an open deck bus provided by the city government for anyone who want to see some parts of the city. It was tested in 2017 and has officially operated near the end of 2018.

The bus has open sight cabin that allow passenger enjoying the views of Bogor during the ride.

During the ride, there is also a tour guide who will tells stories of the places visited or you may see during the ride.

The trip is a short one and starts from the City Hall to several famous destination in the city, like Heulang Park and will circle the famous Bogor Botanical Gardens before go back to the City Hall. It takes around 1 hour.

No fare will be charged to passengers as the service is to encourage people to come to the Rain City.

Akhir Pekan Keliling Kota Bogor Naik Bus Uncal B

The name given to the service comes from an animal that has become the symbol of Bogor, Axis Axis that is called as “uncal” or “deer” in English. When you take the bus service on starting point you may see some of them popping from the fence of Bogor Palace across the street.

The operating schedule of Uncal Bus is only at the weekend a.k.a. Saturday and Sunday from 08.00 – 15.00. On some special occasion, the service may be available over the formal schedule, like when CGM Bogor Street Festival (the Lantern Festival) is held.

Yuk Keliling Kota Bogor Gratis Naik Bus Uncal C1

So, don’t miss.


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