The First Slaughter House in Bogor

The above pictures and also few more in this articles show the remains of the first slaughter house in Bogor. The place is also said to be the first in Indonesia.

Based on some literature, the Dutch colonialist estableshed the place much earlier than 1900. Unfortunately, exact data and the year of establishment is not available, thanks to very careless history recording in this country.

the first slaughter house in Bogor

People still can see the old and typical archtectural style of Dutch building in early 20th century. Thick wall, 45 degrees roof, and wide and big windows to allow good air circulation inside can be seen all over the place.

The first slaughter hous ein Bogor

The slaughter house is now located in Pemuda Street (Youth Street). However, in the past, the street is known to be Slaughter House street referring to the name of the prominent and important building.

Next to the slaughter house, it used to be a stock market where stocks were traded before they were brought to the slaughter house. Now, the market was also closed and inoperative.

The first slaughter house

The age of the complex which is more than 100 years should put the place into the category of cultura heritage of the city. Unfortunately, until now, there seems no efforts done to preserve the place.

I am not sure what is the reason. Some discussions have been made since few years back to renovate and revive the place for othe rpurpose but unluckily, nothing has been done so far.

the first slaughter house in Bogor 3

Unluckily, I can do nothing as well. I am just a blogger. The least I can do is to photograph the complex to show next generations that one day in the past, Bogor City had this place.


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