Large Frame in Bogor Botanical Garden - How To Use It

If you enter the Bogor Botanical Garden from the Main Gate, The Gate number one, and take a walk to North direction, after the Lady Raffles Monument, you will see a large frame made from wood sitting in front of water of Gunting Lake (Pond).

The frame was a new set up established by the administrator. Its measurement is around 7 meter long, a half meter wide, and 3 meter high. It was made from thick wood block and a small chair for two stand in the middle.

Many may wonder what the large frame is for. Many may grumble because the shape blocks their view to the pond.

So, what is the function of the large frame actually?

pigura raksasa di Kebun raya Bogor

Well, I believe one of the Garden staff should understand photography quite well. Definitely, I bet for that.

The wood large frame seems to be established based on a technique in photography, called as “framing”. Yes, framing. Sometimes, taking a photo needs a bit creativity to guide eyes of spectators directly to a subject. Usually, the frame was imaginary only and it is made from any things that can provide lines to form a frame.

However, in Bogor Botanical Garden, the frame is already provided by human. It is not imaginary anymore. That is why it’s placed in front of one place that has been known as one of the best location with best background in the Garden, the Gunting Pond.

You can ask your friends or family to sit on the chair. Please take from a bit far distance because you should include the frame which is quite large. It helps in making your picture more interesting.

Try to to ask your object to pose adapting to the environment which is a bit romantic, especially in morning or afternoon. The place is suitable for that.

pigura raksasa di Kebun raya Bogor 2pigura raksasa di Kebun raya Bogor 3

After seeing the above pictures, do you know what I mean? That’s the function of the large frame. It is not only a place to rest after walking inside.

You should utilize it to make memorable pictures while you are there.

(by the way, the subject of the above pictures were not my relatives, neither my friends. I am a street photographer and was just waiting near the large frame looking for opportunity to take a shot. I was lucky. Their poses were quite suitable)


  1. ah sayang pada saat kesini rame banget, gak bisa foto sendiri di frame ini.

    • Datang lagi kesini.. datengnya pagi2 tapi biar masih sepi dan bisa motret sepuasnya


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