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The Gate Of Suryakencana - Entrance to Bogor's Chinatown

The Gate of Suryakencana – The Entrance to Bogor’s Chinatown

If you are visiting the famous Bogor Botanical Garden, the main tourism destination in the Rain City, and entering through the main gate or...
Nusa Indah Guest House - Melchior Treub's House

Nusa Indah Guest House – The Previous Melchior Treub’s House

Wisma Nusa Indah or in English Nusa Indah Guest House can be found inside the Bogor Botanical Gardens. It is located on the West...
The Sikorsky S-58 or H-34 Monument in Bogor

[Photos] The Sikorsky H-34 Choctaw Monument

The monument of Sikorsky H34 or S-58 Choctaw can be seen when you take a trip through Semplak Road where one of Indonesian Airforce...
Palm Oil Monument in Bogor Botanical Gardens

Palm Oil Monument in Bogor Botanical Gardens

Do you know that your soap bar was likely to be made using palm oil imported from Asian countries? I bet you know it....
The Entrance Fee of Bogor Botanical Gardens 2

The Entrance Fee of Bogor Botanical Gardens For Foreigner

Bogor Botanical Gardens is a must visit place for everyone when they come to Bogor City. Not only because it is famous but because...

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Nangka Waterfall

The Pretty Nangka Waterfall

Curug Nangka or the Nangka Waterfall is a small cataract in the foothill of Mount Salak or the Silver Mountain. Its name in English...
mating trees

Mating Trees : Can trees make you a couple?

You can believe it, or not. It is up to you. However, there is myth about what a couple of trees can make to...
This inscription is made by foreigner

This Inscription Was Carved By Foreigner

In Bogor Botanical Gardens, near the main entry gate around 50-100 meters, there is a thing where you may think that you are looking...
disposable plastic raincoat seller

Forgot Your Umbrella? Don’t Panic, Just Buy a Disposable Plastic Raincoat

Bogor City has a nickname, "Rain City". There is only one reason for this. Yes, you are correct. It rains a lot. Rain falls so...
inconvenient scenery of Ciliwung riverside settlement 02 (3)

Inconvenient Scenery of Ciliwung Riverside Settlements

Probably, Bogor Tourist Promotion Agency will damn me, or at least yell at me if they know that I tell people about the views...