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Mini Self Service Library On The Park - Kolecer A

Mini Self Service Library In The Middle of Park

When you visit a park in Bogor, it is likely you may see a human height box in blue like in the above picture....
Free Tour With Uncal Bus You Should Try

Free Tour With Uncal Bus You Should Take

If it's your very first time to visit my hometown, Bogor City, and is confused where to go, then probably you should got to...
The dragon dance in Bogor Chinese New Year A

The Dragon Dance In Bogor Lantern Festival (CGM Bogor Street Festival)

The dragon dance is one symbol of Chinese culture which is usually performed during the celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year. It is believed...

Symmetrical Views Under Bogor Outer Ring Road Highway

Some people says that an existence of the highway in a city is an indication of a step to modernity. Perhaps, maybe, it is...
The Gate Of Suryakencana - Entrance to Bogor's Chinatown

The Gate of Suryakencana – The Entrance to Bogor’s Chinatown

If you are visiting the famous Bogor Botanical Garden, the main tourism destination in the Rain City, and entering through the main gate or...

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Cigamea Waterfall Bogor

The Beauty of Cigamea Waterfall #2 – Twins!

Twins! The beautiful Cigamea Waterfall, probably it should be called waterfalls, are twins. There are two falls here. If you have read the previous writing, The...
The Orchid House and Orchidarium

Orchid House And Orchidarium

White, Red, Yellow, Pink, Purple and some others are the colors that fill almost all space available in one building located in Bogor Botanical...
The Fountain Park - Bogor

The Fountain Park – De Witte Paal

The Fountain Park is a name of a park in the center of Bogor City. Its location is at the end of the Sudirman...
Nangka Waterfall

The Pretty Nangka Waterfall

Curug Nangka or the Nangka Waterfall is a small cataract in the foothill of Mount Salak or the Silver Mountain. Its name in English...
Semalam di kota Bogor

Nymphaea Alba – The Underestimated Beauty

Nymphaea Alba , somehow I believe that if the words are out from my mouth, nobody will understand what is referred to. Perhaps only...