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How Can I Communicate While in Bogor? Can Locals Speak Foreign Language?

How can I communicate while in Bogor? Can Locals speak foreign languages? Sorry, those are just imaginary questions. I have no problems as I...
The Gede Lake

Situ Gede : The Small Big Pond

Situ Gede is the name. Situ is a Sundanese/ Indonesian word for "pond" or "lake". Gede means "big" or "great". So, Situ Gede means a...
The Past Bogor Resident Office - Almost 150 Years Old A

The Past Bogor Resident Office – Almost 150 Years Old

The building, that was previously known as Bogor Resident Office is located on Jalan Juanda  as you can see in the above photo. This...
Free Smartphone Charging Booth in Commuter Train Stations b

[Don’t Worry] Free Smartphone Charging Booth Available in All Commuter Train Stations

We understand. This century people, society are so attached to their smartphones, gadget and having a low battery ones could ruin their day. Low battery...
The Hat Park Bogor

The Hat Park , place to take a rest

If you decide to walk from the Bogor station towards the Bogor Botanical Gardens, you'll find a garden full of "hats" on the...
Cigamea Waterfalls - The wetness

The Beauty Of Cigamea Waterfall #3 – Wet, Wet!

Visiting a site of waterfalls, you should not avoid to get wet. There is no meaning of your travel then. Anyway, like it or not,...

Bogor Market – the oldest market in the city

Perhaps, you may wonder the reason why should I write about a market instead of about any other tourism destinations. Well, I understand your...