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Symmetrical Views Under Bogor Outer Ring Road Highway

Some people says that an existence of the highway in a city is an indication of a step to modernity. Perhaps, maybe, it is...
The Gate Of Suryakencana - Entrance to Bogor's Chinatown

The Gate of Suryakencana – The Entrance to Bogor’s Chinatown

If you are visiting the famous Bogor Botanical Garden, the main tourism destination in the Rain City, and entering through the main gate or...
Nusa Indah Guest House - Melchior Treub's House

Nusa Indah Guest House – The Previous Melchior Treub’s House

Wisma Nusa Indah or in English Nusa Indah Guest House can be found inside the Bogor Botanical Gardens. It is located on the West...
The Sikorsky S-58 or H-34 Monument in Bogor

[Photos] The Sikorsky H-34 Choctaw Monument

The monument of Sikorsky H34 or S-58 Choctaw can be seen when you take a trip through Semplak Road where one of Indonesian Airforce...
Palm Oil Monument in Bogor Botanical Gardens

Palm Oil Monument in Bogor Botanical Gardens

Do you know that your soap bar was likely to be made using palm oil imported from Asian countries? I bet you know it....

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the Graffiti Park Bogor

The Grafitti Park : the Anti Vandalism Park

The park actual name in Indonesian is Taman Corat Coret or if using a direct translation, the name should be the Scribble Park. However,...
Bogor Homeland Defender Museum

The Ancient Building #1 – Homeland Defender Museum

Photo Title : The Homeland Defender Museum The picture is the front of now called The Homeland Defender Museum. It is a museum located on Sudirman...
Ngumpet Waterfall, The Hidden Cataract

Ngumpet Waterfall : The Peaceful Hidden Cataract That Is Not Hidden

Curug Ngumpet, or in English Ngumpet Waterfall is the name of a tourist destination in Bogor Regency. It's located around 38 kilometers from the...

Hok Tek Bio Temple – the oldest temple

The Hok Tek Bio Temple is one of the cultural heritage in Bogor. It is located at the corner of T-Junction of Suryakencana and...
Bina Harapan The Orphanage

Bina Harapan, The Orphanage – The Preserved Heritage

The Bina Harapan Orphanage is one structure categorized as Bogor City's Cultural Heritage. It is located almost at the end of Sudirman Street, in close...