Modern City
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On contrary with many people think about the city, Bogor is a modern city. Yes, it still keeps some traditional aspects of traditional way of loving but its form now is far from Indonesian traditional town.

Visitors come to this rain city are often in shock and surprise. Many of them expects to find an old society with their slow rhythm of life. They also expects the cities with full of cultural heritages or old buildings.

Instead of that, they find the things that are similar to what they live everyday

It is no longer cool as before. In fact, in dry season it’s humid and hot. Of course, it is not yet as hot as Jakarta but the weather has changed a lot due to the loss of many trees.

People talk faster. They walk quicker like being chased by something or someone. Cars and modern vehicles crawl its streets 24/7.. Traffic jam is everywhere. Tall and modern buildings are almost at every corner of the city. Slumps can be seen under bridges.

Young people hang out in cafe. They wear trendy clothes, bring their gadgets, drive luxurious cars instead of bicycle. They use more English words while they are chatting with their friends more than Sundanese.

All lifestyles of Bogor citizens have changed to adjust with what they think as a modern way.

Modern City
Tall Building in Bogor

Foreigners who make visits to Bogor may have been disillusioned by stories about how pleasant the city was. How visitors were overwhelmed by the quietness, the cooler weather, the landscape and any other things travel agents usually emphasize.

They are not 100% wrong. The city used to have all of those mentioned above. The word “used” showed that it happened in the past but not now.

The city has been transforming to its next shape which is clearly a modern city. The transformation has been on progress steadily since many years back. Now, a final stage of the process is already in front door. It will need just few years more to reach the completion.

However, yet, Bogor still keeps some traditional ways in their society. They are still polite to anyone as Indonesians usually do. Sundanese can still be heard , usually from elder people.

The way of life have not been changed completely yet, Many people still try to maintain their old ways in their life. Even, the young generations are still using the old manners when they meet elder persons.

Somehow, it is safe to predict that the transformation has gathered its pace. Bogor is near to become a modern city like Jakarta.

So, if you ever have a chance to come to the city, please do not expect that you can find a city with traditional culture and society. Please be prepared to find a miniature of Jakarta, a modenr city in smaller size.



  1. I think a country or a certain place has to have a strong sense of patriotism to conserve its tradition but continue to evolve at the same time. I see Bogor is that kind of place. You must be proud. 🙂


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