Government Officer Wednesday Uniue Uniform
Government Officer In Front Of Bogor Municipalities

This kind of view, you will find on every Wednesday in front of Bogor Municipalities. Every Wednesday only.

The mob shown in the pictures are not invited coming to a wedding party, even though what they wear may give such impression. They are Bogor government officers preparing to have a briefing before starting to work.

That question may be raised due to the clothes worn. It doesn’t look like a common uniform.

Hell, yes. Actually their clothes are not the normal dress.

Bogor Unique Uniform

What the Bogor officers wear actually the kind of Sundanese traditional togs.

Male officers will use black top and bottom garments called as “baju kampret” (bat clothes) like you see on the above photo. Meantime, women wear “Sundanese Kebaya”.

For the male, their clothes, sometimes, are accompanied by the headgear similar to “blangkon” in Central Java. However, it is also allowed not to use.

Unique Uniform in Bogor

The main reason of such unique clothes wearing is because there has been a rule issued by the Mayor of Bogor City in 2014. The concern about diminishing Sundanese culture in a city supposed to be the fortress of the culture has encouraged the goernment to issue such regulation for their officers.

Bogor, a place where the Sundanese Kingdom ruled for few centuries in the past, have been invaded by many cultures, such as western, Islam and “Indonesian”.

Thank to its position that is very near to the Capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, the city has been influenced by the influx of people from other ethnics who bring their own cultures.

Bogor Unique UniformThis has caused the Sundanese culture that was the core of the way of life has gradually changed bit by bit.

The traditional Sundanese clothes are no longer used, even in a traditional wedding ceremony.

Such concern has caused the worry among Sundanese society that live in Bogor. They pushed Bogor government to promote the Sundanese way of life more aggressively.

This worry finally was implemented when the city municipalities issued a rule applied to their officers to wear Sundanese clothes every Wednesday.

Actually, it is not only on what they wear. You may find, on the day, you may find the officers to greet you in Sundanese. The usage of the traditional language is also encouraged, even though it is not a must.

Bogor government officer unique uniform

The wearing of traditional clothes has given the city additional attraction. It was used to be very seldom to see people wearing the bat clothes but now at least one day a week, they can be seen almost everywhere in Bogor.

For tourists, they may find something different and unique to see although the view can be enjoyed only once a week.

So, if you want to make a visit to my hometown, please try to arrange that you are still here on Wednesday.


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