Tempat Wisata Budaya Kota BogorBogor City Hall – Clubbing origin is a “club” or clubs. In its form as “gerund” (a noun formed from the addition of the -ing verb) , the word means the usual activities in a club.

What people usually do in a club vary. It can be merely to have chatting with friends, to gossip, to “take the floor” (dance / dancing). Activities are usually often accompanied with noisy sound of drums as well as guitar strings punctuated by excerpts.

Among those who did it were diverse, ranging from celebrities and socialites to those who are just “wannabe”. The last word’s mean is that they want to be considered as a part of a particular society.

A thing that is already something that will always exist from time to time.

Yes, right from time to time. In every age there will always be a group labeled celebrities or socialites. Exclusive group. Their name might be different in each era but their presence always colors every age. There is no society without the presence of these circles.

Well, before you ask whether Bogor in the past had such circles and such activities, let’s talk a look at the picture of Bogor City Hall.

History of Bogor City Hall

Confused? Definitely. Questions about clubbing, club, celebrities and socialites are replied by me telling to look at building used as an office for The Mayor of Bogor City. What is the connection?

Many people do not realize that the place where Bima Arya, the current mayor of Bogor (2014-2019) come to work everyday was an icon of the glitzy world of the past. A place for clubbing

Even its former name, at that time,  clearly reflects its function.


That’s the name of Bogor City Hall when Indonesia was still called the Dutch East Indies.
de Societeit

Bogor City Hall

Balaikota Bogor
Balaikota Bogor

The word means in English “The Club” in Indonesian “Club”.

The building complex, which are now 2,673 square meters was built in 1868. From the outset, it was constructed as a place where socialites and celebrities gathered that time. It was used to socialize and do a “clubbing”.

De Societeit itself was exclusive at that time. Not everyone can get into it. Usually that comes from among de Buitenzorg or Bogor Palace or the guests and other important officials.

The club also maintained exclusivity based skin color. Indigenous people can only enter into De Societeit in function as servants and not as a guest.

Of course, do not imagine a situation like a club of nowadays version . No tank tops, tight skirt, high heels, jeans such as scattered in various nightclubs now.

The Meneer (Tuan) and Madame (Mrs.) will take the floor in a fashion typical of the mid-19th century Europe.The music is not from Disc Jockey, but of the musical group on stage.

That’s the night life of the celebrities and socialites in the future.

Gemeente office

De Societeit function as an exclusive night spots among lasted until almost 60 years.

His role changed after 1926. In the year Buitenzorg governance structures turn into Staads Gemeente a.k.a township.

At this time De Societeit role was changed into office Gemeente, the Mayor office. However,
His name itself has not changed and remained the same until 1950.

Headquarters Of Korem 061 / Kencana Surya

A year after recognition of Indonesian independence in 1949, the name De Societeit ended.

The changes are also related to the new role of the Indonesian government. De Societeit became the Headquarters of Army Command 061 / Surya Kencana.

This place became a military headquarters that oversawBogor, Sukabumi, Cianjur and Bogor.

The role that bears up to 21 years later, precisely until 1971.

Mayor’s office

It was only in 1971 that when the post of mayor of Bogor held by Achmad Sham, the building functioned as Bogor City Hall. The role acted up to this writing.

Headquarters Korem 061 / Surya Kencana moved to Merdeka Street and remain in that location until today.

Cultural heritage

Bogor City Hall building is included in the list of Heritage Bogor.

Even in the same complex has been built to support activities of various government offices Bogor, but the city hall building has not changed much.

Colonial architectural style adopted by the Dutch still can be seen. Nonetheless, Bogor City Hall building as it is now, is not 100% adopting the style of a typical building of the European past.

In 1950, the building has undergone a renovation. Sunda local elements of the building included in the building structure.

It can be seen from the roof of a triangular shape, slim pillars and various wood carvings that characterize the combination of the two styles.

Since then, the mayor’s office building is unchanged apart from a few improvements.

(Actually there is one other characteristic not related to the building but it is clear already decades old. The distinctive feature is the presence of a large banyan that can be found at the left gate of  Bogor City Hall)


Well, the above explanation should answer any questions which you may ask.

There is nightlife and clubbing activity in the past Bogor . The place was in what is the Bogor City Hall today.

That’s nightclub, or the Club for celebrities in Bogor past.

If you want to visit and see the relics of the past Bogor, Bogor City Hall address is on Juanda Street No. 10.
O yes make sure you do not intend to clubbing here. This place is no longer De Societeit and Civil Service Police Unit will be glaring when you say you intend to clubbing here. But, you intend to participate in weekly gymnastic event, there is usually a Saturday morning exercise activities on the front yard.


  1. Selamat siang pak Anton, sy mau tanya rmh sy di daerah cibubur sy mau ke serpong menggunakan kereta KL naik dr stasiun mana ya pak yg terdekat? Trus musti ganti KL berapa kali tolong dijelaskan ya pak terimakasih

    • Frida..

      Kalau dari Cibubur tidak ada stasiun CL yang dekat. Bisa ke Stasiun Depok dulu, atau bisa juga ke stasiun cawang, atau stasiun Klender/Buaran, sama saja.

      Jadi tinggal pilih yang manapun Cibubur agak jauh dari stasiun CL terdekat. Menurut saya stasiun Cawang yang paling baik dipergunakan. Nah dari stasiun cawang bisa menuju ke arah Stasiun Duri dengan memakai CL yang ke arah Jatinegara. Dari stasiun Duri bari pakai CL yang ke Serpong


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