Have you ever cleaned your house? I am sure you do. How large is your home? 100 or 200 square meters? How do you feel after you finish? Tired is likely to be your answer for the question.

Now, imagine, about a place that has a measurement of 87 hectares, full of trees, and it gets visited everyday, the whole year. How can you get the place cleaned?

Manually, using brooms, like you do in your house? Vacuum cleaner? Well, it will need more than a thousand persons to broom such large area and they must work the whole day from dawn until dusk and still I don’t think the place can be cleaned.

Which place am I talking about? Is there a place in Bogor, a city with only 123 squre kilometers, that is as large as 87 hectares? Yes, there is. Bogor Botanical Gardens.

So, how does this Great Gardens get cleaned everyday?

There are three ways used by the administrator.

The first : Road Sweeper Vehiclebegini cara kebun raya dibersihkanThe vehicle is the main equipment used. It sweeps all roads and streets inside the Gardens. It also suck fallen leave or other litters left by visitors to a pouch, similar to the one a vacuum cleaner has.

The second : Boat and Man

The Garden has many ponds and small lake inside. One of them is Gunting Lake, a pond behind the Bogor Palace, one of tourist favorites to take pictures.

A road sweeper car can not operate here. So, it must be cleaned manually. A janitor will use a boat, a traditional one made from wood and un-motorized. He will pick up one by one trash and garbage floating on the surface.

begini cara kebun raya dibersihkan 3The third : Human Power

The rest, footpath and also the non road land, like or not, must rely on human power. Exactly the same as what you do in your house, brooming.

Using broom sticks, a troop of cleaner will travel from one corner to another to take away any used mineral water bottle, used tissue, and all other litter thrown by uncivilized visitors, one by one.

begini cara kebun raya dibersihkan 2

It must be a very tiring job to do, especially, abundance of people who visit Bogor Botanical Gardens are too lazy to even walk to find a trash bin. They throw their garbage anywhere.

Just because of these people, Bogor Botanical Gardens can be kept cleaned and convenient for visitors.

Therefore, probably, I would like to request to anyone who reads this article, to help those people, the cleaner, the janitor, or whatever you call them. Even with the road sweeper, the Garden is still a large place to be cleaned.

If you litter, it will add more works to do for those people. It will make them spending few seconds to get the place cleaned and please imagine if there are more than 1000 people littering in a day, how much time and energy will be wasted because of the laziness.

So, please do your part by following what civilized people do. Put your garbage in a trash bin. You can find it easily inside the Garden, the administrator provides a lot.

Help Bogor Botanical Gardens to stay clean, my friends. It is for all of us.


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