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I am not kidding and it can be proven. Yes, definitely Bogor has also Angel Waterfalls or in short Angel Falls. At least, its name is the same as the world tallest uninterrupted waterfall located in Venezuela.

The similarity ends to their names only. The other things are , no doubt, different.

If the Venezuela’s Angel Waterfall’s is taller than skyscraper with almost one kilometer height, Bogor’s Angel Waterfall’s height is only around 30-40 M. Its height is an average of waterfalls in the Rain City.

Bogor’s Angel fall is one of popular tourist destination at the eastern side of the city. Its location is in Sentula Paradise Park, Babakan Madang District, Bogor Regency.

Reaching the fall from Indonesia’s Capital Jakarta is not so difficult as the location is near to the oldest highway in Indonesia, Jakarta. If you drives from Jakarta, you will need around 1.5 hours in normal traffic. Or, around 45 minutes from Bogor (if you are lucky and can avoid the traffic jam inside the city).

That’s why most tourists comes from Jakarta (and of course Bogor).

The Angel Waterfall has been commercially managed, clearly, so for anyone who expects to see the nature in its natural form, probably, the place won’t satisfy their needs.

The administrator has changed the form of the fall, from the natural beauty to merely a waterpark where people come to play, not to enjoy the green of tree and inhale fresh air.

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However, some spots show you some quite overwhelming landscape of Pancar Hills, located not too far from the fall. The spots may cause you wondering how beautiful the look of the Angel Waterfall in its original form before money chaser society turned it to money machine.


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The waterfall may not be virgin anymore but it is still quite a nice place to hide away from the noise of busy city like Jakarta. You still can get refreshed by playing with your family or friends in the pool, which unfortunately, sometimes has brown water. Or, taking your selfie near big volume of water drop falling from height.

Those are favorite activities done by most of visitors, except me and my family who were more busy with our cameras to take pictures of everything.

Well, Bogor’s Angel Waterfall is not the tallest, the most famous waterfall in the world. It is not. Somehow, I think the place may be worth your visit in case you need a place to escape from your routine in big city.

But, it is up to you to decide.


  1. kang bogor nya di mana saya juga di bogor

    • Saya di Bukit Cimanggu Kang..


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