Probably, it can be true or not, people may think that to see green landscape in Bogor can only be done in The Famous Bogor Botanical Gardens.

It is not 100$ correct. Yes, it is true that the Gardens provides such green so refreshing views all over the place. That’s why the Gardens, is one place that will attract nature fans from all over Indonesia.

However, there are still some parts of Bogor City that can offer the same look. Of course, it should not be compared to the Gardens but perhaps it still can give all of us a bit refreshing feeling of nature and a bit of flash about how green Bogor a century ago.

Just take a look at the below pictures of Tree Canopy captured on the Pajajaran Street, one of the most crowded street, especially on the weekend.

Canopy Tree on Pajajaran Street


Pedagang Es Cingcau Kelapa Muda 03What do you think? Quite green and peaceful, right? It should give us a bit of refreshment.

In the busy city and tiring traffic, such kind of green tree canopy is priceless. The peacefulness is what everybody wants to find that they can escape from the hustle bustle of modern life.

Unfortunately, such kind of looks and situation doesn’t happen everytime in the city. In fact, it is very rare. You need to find the right time to get such moment (and definitely Saturday is not the day).

However, it is worth. More than worth actually. As a person who lives in a growing city that has been losing bit by bit the fresh air, the quietness, and the peacefulness, then the look of this tree canopy is priceless.

That’s why I took the pictures and share with you. Those are just pictures but perhaps it can bring you also a bit of refreshing feeling I enjoy.


  1. one of the best streets in Indonesia

    • Indeed. Can not agree more

  2. when you feel tired to watch your monitor,

    green tree is the best solution to make your eyes fresh again ..



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