A Horse Cart on street in Bogor

A horse cart on street is the title of the picture captured on Juanda Street in Bogor (I must add Bogor behind the street name because almost every city in Indonesia has its own Juanda Street).

First of all, I must apologize, especially if you are a professional photographer, as this is one of the result of my recent practice using my point and shoot, a DSLR like camera. Ever since, I learned that a picture taken can represents the view of the shooter, I have tried to find a moment that could represent the point of view of mine about what has been happening to the city and its society.

Having been living in the city for more than 36 years, I consider that Bogor, the city, including its people has been in the middle of the transformation. It is not yet 100% modernized in any terms, materials, system and also attitude. However, it can not be said that it is still traditional.

We are right in the middle.

In order to try a new approach of blogging with giving a bit more weight to pictures, I have been trying to produce a photo that can show the idea of transformation. With a limited resource, as my Fuji Finepix HS35EXR camera, that probably amateur photographer will not even give an eye, is the only tool available. Also, considering, I am very new in photography world, I felt lucky to be able to take a shoot of this picture.

A horse chart in between a moving car and motorcycles. Intentionally, the car and motorcycles were made a bit blurred to give an impression that they were moving, fast.

The horse cart, in Indonesia, is called as Delman, named before his creator, or Sado should be sufficient to represent the view of ‘traditional’. Meanwhile, the car and the motorcycles have been known widely as modern vehicles

So, the idea in my mind the picture should show about a traditional way of living that has been struggling to keep the pace of modernization in the city.

Actually, it is understandable that high level pros in photography don’t need additional words to convey the message as their picture should say it. However, as I am not at that level, and probably will never be, I though it was quite a good idea to add a bit more than 300 words to accompany.

The better I am in photography, the less words will accompany a picture. I do hope this will happen in near future as I expect to become modernized blogger as well that can use picture and words to express the idea on my head.


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